Why choose Sodi and Seli salt licks ?

The Salins Group has more than 150 years' experience as salt specialists and is the only manufacturer to use 3 different techniques to produce its salt: solar, heat and mining. It offers salt in all forms, both raw and processed, and for all uses, such as human consumption, farming, clearing snow, water treatment and other industrial activities.


Our salts for farming come in pure Sodi Sel'Pur sacks and salt licks, Sodi and Seli mineral supplement licks or Sodi tub licks and are all exclusively produced in France.


Sodi and Seli pure salt licks are best-sellers and meet your livestock needs, including cattle, sheep, goats, horses, and game animals, based on season and growth stage.


Discover our Ecocert-approved range of licks for organic livestock farming. Ecocert is the French specialist for certifying products from organic agriculture.