NATEGRAL : unrefined sea salt

Nategral sel de mer non raffiné

A pure, naturally white product


The climatic and geological conditions of the Camargue allow Salins to harvest a large quantity of salt once a year. This sea salt is naturally white, as it contains very few soil impurities.


NATEGRAL can be used in organic farming, promoting salivation, rumination and digestion, optimizing forage intake capacity and helping to cover animal needs.


Composition: additive-free, NATEGRAL is composed of 100% unrefined sea salt, i.e. 39.3% sodium.

Moisture content: 0.08%.

Grain size: 90% between 0.8 and 3.15 mm.

Packaging: 25kg bag. Pallet of 40 bags (1000 kg net)

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