Freely available salt licks are a simple, practical and reliable solution.

Salt supplements are critical as fodder is naturally low in sodium.

Salt is the only element (along with water) that livestock have a specific appetite for, i.e. they can tailor their intake to match their needs, so there's no waste (no over or under-eating) or loss as the salt comes in compressed, compact form.


As livestock need salt at all times, enough SODI SEL’PUR licks must be freely accessible to use all year round, either in sheds or in pastures.

Number of animals per lick :

Cattle/horses : 10

Sheep/goats : 30

salt table

Directions for use:

Make freely and continuously available. Put out one block at a time.

Maximise intake by ensuring livestock can drink regularly.

Renew supply according to intake: approximately 40 g per day per head of cattle and 5 g per day per sheep or goat. This can be temporarily raised for livestock unused to licks or suffering salt/mineral deficiencies.

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