There are many reasons to provide mineral supplements prior to calving. These include replenishing reserves, good foetus growth, easier calving and improving the start of impending lactation, etc.

This mineral supplement is often difficult to administer in small herds or flocks that are generally grazed.

However, SODISo’Gestation tubs provide the ideal solution for:

- good mineral balance: Calcium and phosphorus levels are tailored to the needs of pregnant animals. Calcium intake is limited to avoid milk fever when calving.

- Good cation-anion balance

- Balanced trace element intake to offset the widespread lack of zinc, copper, selenium, cobalt and iodine. Copper and zinc intake is partially in organic form (copper glycine chelate and zinc glycine chelate) to deliver greater bio-availability, resulting in better husbandry performance with lower environmental emissions. Selenium is partially rumen-protected by lipid encapsulation to be better assimilated for greater anti-oxidant efficiency, with fewer losses.

- Balanced vitamin intake: Using a generous, though not excessive coverage. This is the time when the female can build up her hepatic reserves needed to develop high quality colostrum for subsequent good suckling, while ensuring the right product dose in the womb to guarantee post-natal vigour.


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