Many farms experience internal parasite infestations when livestock is put out to graze or stabled. This parasite pressure can lead to slower growth as well as reduced milk yields and appetite.

SodiVer’Actif is enriched with plant extracts (wormwood, garlic, thyme, tansy and fenugreek) that, when combined with minerals and trace elements in a lick, help manage parasite risks (especially gastro-intestinal strongyles)


Mr Pomport - Deputy Director at the Grignon experimental farm

Why is the subject of parasites so prevalent at the moment?

There have always been parasite problems but the challenge we are currently facing is how to switch to alternative treatments by cutting the use of commonly-used molecules and, as such, introducing good grazing practice and using alternative products.

What can happen if you don't manage internal parasites properly?

Parasites indirectly affect animal husbandry performance, causing weight loss, diarrhoea and reduced milk yields and lower fertility. Compared to more common diseases, the effects are not immediately visible and the consequences of poor parasite management are ultimately economic losses for the farmer.

What did the SodiVer’Actif test at AgroParisTech's trial facility in Grignon actually entail?

We compared the weight and number of gastro-intestinal strongyles in two groups of 55 grass-fed Berrichon du Cher ewes, from May to August 2018. The first group was given SodiVer’Actif while the second had a control lick.

What were the findings on parasite pressure?

We noted a fall in the number of gastro-intestinal strongyles in the group with the SodiVer’Actif lick during the first part of the trial, which matched various wet and warm periods.

And how did it affect herd performance?

Well, it rained at the start of the trial, causing the entire herd to lose weight as the quality of the grass wasn't as good. However, the result was obvious. The ewes that were given SodiVer’Actif lost virtually half the weight of those in the control sample.

What do you think the advantages of using this product are?

During sensitive periods, SodiVer’Actif helps limit losses in animal condition by cutting parasite pressure in ewes.

What added value can this product bring to the market?

There's a dual advantage. It's user-friendly and there's no waiting period before slaughter. It also meets current demands in our society to reduce the use of molecules such as deworming treatments.

temoignage veractif

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