Notre bloc SodiCheval'ail :  testé et approuvé par les propriétaires de chevaux! 
Découvrez le témoignage de professionnels et de cavalières dans la vidéo de Georgette Mag.
SodiCheval'ail est une pierre de sel enrichi à l'ail pour protéger votre cheval des insectes (mouches, tiques...)
La pierre est adaptée aux chevaux au pré, box et box paddock.
Dites stop aux insectes, et bonjour au soleil d'été !

New! SodiVer'actif !

Many livestock operations experience outbreaks of internal parasites when animals are put out to graze or stabled. these include gastro-intestinal strongyles as well as liver and stomach flukes, etc. This parasite pressure can lead to slower growth as well as reduced milk yields and appetite.

SodiVer’Actif is enriched with plant extracts (wormwood, garlic, thyme, tansy and fenugreek) that, when combined with minerals and trace elements in a lick, help manage parasite risks.

The results prove it!*: SodiVer’Actif helps control parasite pressure and delivers improved animal husbandry performance (particularly weight).

Make it freely available to your livestock when you put them out to grass, until you stable them!

*Trials conducted on gastro-intestinal strongyles from May to August 2018, on 110 Berrichon du Cher ewes. 

Garlic licks to deter ravenous sheep flies!

Garlic is well-known for its repellent effect on flies and ticks, which can cause stress and disease. Some of these ailments can even lead to the death of livestock, such as bovine piroplasmosis, Q fever or ehrlichiosis. What's less well-known is that garlic is yielding encouraging results on wohlfahrtia magnifica, otherwise known as the "spotted flesh fly" or "screwworm fly". They lay their larvae eggs near sheep's orifices and feet, but also affect cattle by devouring their flesh, which can lead to death. Garlic licks may help restrict fly strikes on sheep.

- January 2018: Your licks are now available for organic farming!

Sodi, Seli and Sodi Sel’pur licks can now be used for organic farming! We've revised their formulas to be better adapted to organic production. Discover our full range!